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Xon Conspiracy

Series 5 Program

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I spend much of my life on the internet more so than he needs. I'm also a nerd because I like to think of stories and so the world deems creative people nerds. I like Tool, I like Rage, I like Johnny Depp, and I like Roger Federer.
a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, accounting, adam jones, andrew kirkivegotanitch, aragorn elessar, aria giovanni, army of darkness, around the horn, art bell, arwen evenstar, asylum of terror, ax'em, baldurs gate, bill o'reilly, blood thugz, boondock saints, bowling, brain damage films, braveheart, bruce campbell, brunettes, buck nuggy, carl johnson, claire lasilly, coasttocoastam, coffee, colin quinn, conan o'brien, crackerjacked, crazy benches, crazy dancing, crouching tiger hidden dragon, daily show, danny carey, dawn of the dead, drake lorbeck, dynasty warriors, elindel, enursha, evolution, fantasy football, final fantasy, football, free-will, full moon productions, g block, g unit, gandalf, gardettos, george hazard, george norry, goth, grand theft auto, grove street 4 lyf, gustavo kuerten, hackie sack, hell's highway, him, interpol, iron maiden, j haag, jigsaw, jim morrison, jim tressel, john stewart, johnny depp, johnny stoopid, justin chancellor, juvenile, larry marett, lars larson, lateralus, lil trick, max weinberg, maynard james keenan, melkor, metal gear solid, michael savage, mike sanderson, motzerella cheese, muse, myself, norm duke, number juan, o'reilly factor, oasis, ohio state buckeyes, old spice, open minded, oricus matalie, oti bowling team, pardon the interruption, pepper jack cheese, pepsi, pete weber, petey pablo, pittsburgh, pittsburgh steelers, placebo, provalone cheese, r.a. salvatore, rage against the machine, reese's, reese's candy blast frappe, reese's pieces, reese's sonic blast, roger federer, roll tide~!, root beer, san andreas, sarcasm, savage nation, sexville usa, shepard smith, sin city, solid snake, south park, star trek, star wars, swiss cheese, tacos, team america, tennis, the banner, the doors, the hideous doctor bones, the hobbit, the mars volta, the men of enursha, the ohio state buckeyes, the ohio state university, the silmarillian, the sims 2, the two towers, tolkien, tommy vercetti, tool, totem, tough crowd, trisket, triumph, university of alabama, vice city, video games, walter ray williams, william wallace, xon, york entertainment, zack de la rocha