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It's been too long

And where has the time gone?  I guess I spent more time on Myspace ever since it became more popular.  But to see this is still alive I might as well give it a little attention.

The last time I wrote in this I was a Freshman in college, actually, it was my first Semester.  It really doesn't seem so long ago but soon it would be two years.  Two years ago I was a Freshman in college it really hasn't hit me that it is closing down.  I am a junior at the University of Alabama and I honestly do not want to know what lies ahead in the near future.  I am actually perplexed, staring at my screen, I am trying to figure out where the time went.  I can still see the skies in Denmark two summers ago.  Listening to the electric sounds of Roskilde, I can't believe that everyday it's falling away.  July 3, 2005, was the last day of Roskilde, I saw Interpol, I saw Bloc Party, I saw Bright eyes, and more. 

Oh well, I think 2005 is my favourite year, ever.  I don't know why it is, there is a feeling of great pleasure when I think back to it.  Something great happened, it's a year I'd love to travel back in time and just bathe in it.  It's weird, I can't explain anything behind it, but it seems like it was a defining year for me.  I went to Europe, I went to College, I grew my hair out and grew a beard.  The Last Harry Potter film came out that year which is a great feeling I get every time I watch it.  I think I have a strange obsession with letting time go, I hate how it passes and if I could go back to any instance I'd probably pick somewhere that highlighted everything I love about life.  I always have this strange view of 2005, I get it from all the trips back from Tuscaloosa to Columbus over the weekends.  It always has an overcast sky and the beginning lyrics of Televators from The Mars Volta are being played. 

The first moment I think back to a lot is a party out at Johnny's in October of 2005.  I don't know why that Party meant so much to me, I guess because all of my friends were there, all of them.  Televators strikes me because I never appreciated how good the song was two years prior to that time in 2003 when I bought their first LP.  I remember over that first semester that I found myself listening to the latter half of that Album increasingly more often.  I think of that half of the year with that song in my mind, it defines the time for me.  The party was no different, I think of Televators every time I think back to that moment.  It was beautiful and it didn't last long enough.  Notre Dame and USC were playing that Saturday.  It had so little to do with anything, that weekend, and yet I felt like it made me realize how everything is changing.  How life is always moving forward and I one day will have to accept I cannot stop it.  I want to preserve time every moment that I am experiencing an excess of joy. 

I deal with nostalgic feelings everyday.  I don't feel it's healthy, I feel it makes me resent that time goes forward, that I have to get older and I do not want that fate.  It makes me realize that every day these memories are getting further away and that I will one day be nothing that I am today.  We can try and recreate the events that preceded us, and that it would provide comfort.  AC Milan provided some relief with their linkage to 2005.  They beat Liverpool in Athens Greece this past year for the European Champions League avenging their 2005 loss in Istanbul Turkey in the same event.  It probably was the one soar spot of 2005.  May 25th a day that will be remembered for AC Milan's worst six minutes of Football that allowed their 3-0 lead to be equaled from the 54th minute to the 60th minute, ultimately leading to their defeat in penalties.  It will also be remembered for one of the greatest parties I've ever thrown on the same day.

July 4th is rapidly approaching.  Last year was bitter sweet as well in a way.  Germany was defeated by the Italians in the World Cup Semifinal, which wasn't so bad but still sucked.  However, I threw a monstrous American themed party, we had Toby Keith, The Boss, and many more great American songs.  We grilled hot dogs and drank some berr, I can't believe it's been a year.  I can't believe it, it's scary.

Roger Federer going for his 5th straight Wimbledon is scary.  I remember just 4 years ago in 2003 when he won his first grandslam.  Now in 4 years he has won 9 more, and he is now in the middle of his career.  I remember Sampras winning in 1997, I was in Tennessee visiting relatives that live in Knoxville.  Now ten years later another great chasing history is closing in on his 11th grandslam.  I wish I would have recorded more of Federer's great matches.  Like the 2004 US Open Final or the 2005 Australian Open Semifinal against Marat Safin where Federer lost in a valiant effort in 5 sets, one of the greatest matches ever seen by eyes.  These are all just distant memories, although, available on download over the internet, the quality will never be as crisp.  I guess, I wish I would have recorded many more than just Federer.  I wish I would have recorded Juan Carlos Ferrero's matches in 2002 and 2003 or Gustavo Kuerten's French Open runs in 97, 2000, 2001, and his Year End Championship in 2000 where he defeated Agassi and Sampras back to back to win the Championships and Year ending #1.  Hell, I would even record the 2002 Wimbledon where Hewitt won.  Tennis kills me the most on this time issue.  I've seen all these players and how injury has devastated Kuerten's career and to an extent Safin and Ferrero.  Even Coria during his reign as the King of clay during 2004 another year I loved.

Oh well, that is that, I have a hard time of letting go but that is how it goes, 2007 hasn't been the best of years.  There is hope, the fall always breathes new life into myself where most of my memorable moments seem to happen.  College Football reappears, UEFA Champions League reappears, Seria A Football reappears, and more more memories to relive all over again.
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