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I released my name as Oricus and was found in Hong Kong around 2022. I had been trained extensively in an elite training program called the Series 5. The Series 5, as stated before, was an extensive program funded by the XoN organization, now a global corporation, that focused on intensifying mind and body through rigorous programs in order to create agents for governmental pacifying. In other words, we were the gatekeepers of knowledge and the silencers of talkers.

Since, I still have little recollection of the events that transpired over my training due to an unforeseen failure in a mission, I cannot divulge any of my experiences, and I cannot say for certain if the cybernetic implants were triggered to wipe my mind due to an unforeseen failure, upon further speculation, I believe there certainly was a link. Nevertheless, a Westerner found me in Hong Kong, though at first I had forgotten much of everything, little by little fragments of my mind began to reform. This Westerner would appear to find me by chance but that was never the case. He had been tracking XoN agents, though, he never explicitly told me how; he did, however, debrief me of his current situation, which was to find me. Perplexing would of been an understatement, according to rule XoN did not have any files of any of their Series 5 Agents other than a serial #. It was their secrecy that allowed XoN agents move through the shadows and remain undetectable.

The Established Agent:

Various XoN agents as stated before were branded with a serial # on the lower back as identification. There was one list of all the serial # in a database, however, the XoN organization kept nothing more on any record. To keep tabs, they implemented cybernetic devices, trackers, wires, and uses of various nanotechnology. An agent at all times would be susceptible to a complete termination if they ever compromised their line of work, not a very promising incentive. Through XoN, each agent would be sent an encoded message which would detail their instructions or orders.

Encoded Messages:

Each Agent (from knowledge gathered) would go through an intensive course in decoding and encrypting data. Certain levels of data were easier to decode. These levels were mostly rudimentary work for the agent usually coming from a lower levels of command. Messages after being decoded often mapped out their basic instructions for their work. Rendezvous points, certain meetings, potential targets, threats, and information pertaining towards potential XoN involvement.

What is XoN?

XoN is an organization within a global conglomerate that specializes in Research and Development of various products. The Global Conglomerate known as Abstega reaches throughout the world and came to fruition during the global economic downturn of the late 2000's. Through Abstega, (Pre 2016) XoN organization can remain a privately held organization.

What is Abstega?

Massive Global Conglomerate formed in 2011 by the merging of several of the world's largest financial firms, banks, and corporations. During that time Abstega was able to gain market shares in nearly every continent especially North America and Europe. Due to the failing financial firms and massive amounts of debt being taken on by the United State among others, Abstega sought a position to back American Currency at an alarming interest. In accordance with the World Bank, IMD, and Swiss Banking Corporation, Abstega was able to assume most of the US Debt and gain significant political influence in the process.

Abstega Prospering Pre - Massive Corporate Merger

(Will write more later)
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